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Electronic 28 volt regulator now at the road testing stage

Hotchkiss MB Licence / M201/ ITM jeep pages
Hotchkiss Story (historique) The history of Hotchkiss / Willys  jeep pedigree.
                                                       Die Hotchkiss Geschichte German version adapted by Jan Reinartz
M201 chassis numbers (N° Série ):  Locating and understanding the numbers stamped on M201s.
M201 / ITM / MB / GPW ? Understanding the differences between these ex-French army jeeps.
M201 technical (technique): Data plates, manuals and technical information including the Solex carburettor, 24volt wiring diagram, batteries, dynamo and regulator.
M201 markings (marquage):  registration numbers (N° matricule), NATO tactical (OTAN tactique), recognition (reconnaissance) and convoy markings.
M201 versions: SS10, ENTAC, MILAN, hard-top (break d'aviation), ZB298 radar, RITA, gun carriers and Maheu-Labrosse fire tender.
M201 accessories and detail (assessoires) Photographs and details of a range of accessories and special detail not often seen on examples today.
M201 airborne (aéroporté) photos and details of the following jeeps:
1 REP (Régiment Etranger de Parachutistes) as used in Algeria between 1955 - 1961,
2 REP (Régiment Etranger de Parachutistes) as used in Zaire 1978
(Régiment Hussard de Parachutistes) MILAN as used in 'Operation Manta' - Chad 1983
M201 in service: photos in service including Foreign Legion, former colonies etc
M201 ventes des domaines: the story of the sales of French army jeeps at auction
M201 jeep: Photos and details about my armée Française jeep, its history, markings, radio equipment etc.
M201 106SR: Photos and details about the restoration of my second M201 - a jeep with attitude!
M201 / ITM owners' page (page des collectionneurs): non-Americanised / non-Américanisé.
M201 / ITM owners' page (page des collectionneurs): Americanised jeeps / jeeps Américanisé.
Peugeot SX 80 AR: Something special for you to hang on the front of your M201?
M201 trailer (remorque): photos and details of modified WW2 jeep trailers used by l'armée de Terre. Includes a short history of trailer manufacture by Willys & Bantam including the differences.
M201 links (liens): M201 sites of interest, links to dealers in GPW, MB, M201 jeeps and spares, links to preservation groups.
Kemble Show R.I.P: Photographic memories of  M201s at the M.V.T. Kemble Show over the years.
Delahaye VLRD jeep pages
Delahaye Jeep Story (historique) The development of an all new French VLR  to replace the Willys MB.
Delahaye VLRD 24 volt: Photos & details of my 1953 model including and a comparison with the M201.
Delahaye VLRD at Saumur: Photos and details of a museum example fitted with period radio.
Delahaye VLRD owners page (page des collectionneurs)

WW2 jeep pages

Bantam jeep: The story and photos of the Bantam jeep, and Bantam jeep links.
                             Die Geschichte des Bantam Jeep:
German version adapted by Jan Reinartz
Amphibious jeep: The story of the development of the Ford GPA and what ultimately happened them.
SAS (Special Air Service) jeep: How standard jeeps were modified to suit deep penetration 'hit and run' actions in North Africa & Western Europe. Includes photos and links to further information about the SAS.
British Airborne jeep: How jeeps were modified and landed from the air on D-Day using disposable wooden gliders. Includes detail of modifications, trailer and marking details.
U.S. Navy jeep: Details about jeeps used by the US Navy including photos, details of colours, correct markings, and a Seabees trailer.

Please let me know if you have found any of the information useful or have any corrections / further information. Thanks to all who have contributed so far.

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