Album M201 - Légion Étrangère



Chauffeur Joe van Raamt photographed by the Captain's jeep which could be an early 6volt M201 or Willys. It was a cavalry tradition for all vehicles in the regiment including the heavy armoured vehicles (E.B.R's), to have names painted on them. Edelweiss was the Captain's choice of name for his jeep. The jeep was not regulation army green, again the Captain's choice. Joe served in the 1st Escadron of 2REC Click here to visit his website.

Terry "Tex" Harrison ( 2REI ) standing by his Captain's jeep in Central Africa. It was fitted with various radios and he was the Captain's coms specialist that travelled with him. The photos were taken during Operation Epervier, in the Republic of Central Africa. Click here to visit Terry's Legion website.