M201 - technical bulletin bulletin technique no. 482 / AU

The details of revisions that were made to the M201 were documented in technical bulletins. The photo below is from a 1961 jeep which was modified in accordance with the revision and had a plate added to the front axle to indicate that the work had been carried out.

Photo: Ken Chapman

The bulletin related to all 'jeeps' whether ITM, MB, GPW or M201 and resulted from a problem with the bolts that secure the brake assembly back plate becoming loosened. It was issued in 1964 and the modification was to be carried out on all jeeps in service and those held in stock waiting to be issued. It was also to be carried out on stocks of both new and rebuilt front axles held as spares.

The repair work involved making a set of locking tabs to ensure that the bolts could not loosen and replacing the bolts with a later design if necessary. Workshops were expected to make their own locking tabs to the specified design and in terms of time should allow 2.6 hours for making the tabs and 0.5 hours for fitting.  One must assume that the requirement for the new tabs to be made by hand would have been superseded by mass produced items once supplies were available.