M201 IR Lamps - Phares IR

  The photos used here are by Christophe Muller in France and show the detail of the Infra Red lights and their guards fitted to the front of some M201s. It is also an opportunity for you to see the stunning restoration of an M201 that he is painstakingly undertaking. When it is finished the jeep will be almost better than when it left the factory! 

IR lighting for military vehicles became popular in the 60s & 70s providing a means for driving at night without visible light. The dark filter on the light units allows only infrared to pass through but to see the reflected light the driver had to wear cumbersome goggles.

Few if any M201s were still fitted with this equipment by the time they were sold at auction. If you know of any then please do let me know.

The final photo shows the IR lamp in operation. The apparent 'brightness' in the photo is due to the exposure setting to achieve the result. In reality only a dull glow is visible to the eye.

Thanks again to Christophe for these excellent photos.