Service des Mines de Nancy

Thanks to Albert Katgerman (M201 01470) for the photo of the plate on his jeep that records its approval by the 'Service des Mines' on 25/7/78 and thanks to Albert & JLM for explaining that where a jeep was sold at auction by Domaines as 'unfit for road use' it had to be submitted for inspection and approval following a restoration by the new owner. Each Department of France has a Service des Mines, Nancy being the location for 54 - Meurthe-et-Moselle. The equivalent to 'Mines' in the UK would be VOSA (Vehicle and Operater Standards Agency).


Service des Mines de Puy-de-Dme


The Service de Mines at P D D (Puy-de-Dme), the same department in which Clermont Ferrand is located so my guess would be that the damaged jeep was returned to Clermont Ferrand being the remaining workshop where jeeps were repaired after the La Maltournee works closed in 1978  and it was there that the decision was taken not to attempt repairing it but to send it to auction.

Thanks to George Lovell for sending me this photo.