A.A. Next service due / Revision suivant

Thanks to Dick Howland (M201 No. 23,834) for solving the mystery of the little plastic pouch stuck to the dashboard of his Armee de l'Air jeep. In the glove box he found a screwed up piece of paper that clearly fits in the pouch perfectly.

 It reads: "VEHICULE A PRESENTE IMPERATIVEMENT. A LA STATION SERVICE,  A '  LA KILOMETRIQUE", there is a space for the mileage reading (or perhaps more correctly, kilometrage) to be written below the text. Probably because of the very low mileage that this jeep would have done working on an airfield the date due has be written instead. It is not clear in the photo but reads  JUILLET 96 (July 96). It seems likely therefore that airfield jeeps were serviced at regular time intervals rather than when a given mileage had been covered. Photos: Dick Howland.