M201 - connection box / boite de raccordement

24 volt M201 body tubs had the necessary four mounting holes in the side panel on the passenger side and certainly from the introduction of the 24volt model in 1960, all M201s left the factory fitted with a radio connection box. The fact that a particular M201 is fitted with the box does not necessarily mean that it carried a radio when in service though.
As well as being factory fitted to all 24 volt M201s from mid 1960, the 'boite de raccordement' was also described in technical bulletin BT 368 (also mid 1960) for retro-fitting to earlier 6 and 12 volt jeeps where a radio was used. The box derives its power directly from the positive battery terminal (M201 24 volt) or from the starter solenoid (6 & 12 volt)and therefore contains a fuse (50 amp in the case of a 24 volt jeep). Apart from the terminals, the only other component is a condenser to reduce interference.

The Sahara model was an exception to the rule about where the box was located because having a reserve fuel tank mounted under the passenger seat made it impossible to mount the radio box on the side panel. Instead, where fitted, it was located further to the rear on the side panel of the wheel arch.