M201 - reflectors /  catadioptres


On a circular plate with four mounting holes M201 reflectors are distinctively different to those used on WW2 jeeps and the above photo shows three types that I have in my collection of bits and bobs.

The most common type of reflector found on the M201 and shown above is made from glass that has rows of raised cat's eyes cast into it. Being by far the most common it is reasonable to assume that this was the type fitted by Hotchkiss at the factory.
The less common type shown above is also made of glass but the red reflector is mounted behind a separate sheet of clear glass presumably to make keeping the reflector clean easier. The cat's eyes are smaller and noticeably rectengular compared with the original design
The final example and much less common than the previous examples is a later type made by SEIMA. The reflector is plastic and marked to show its compliance with various standards, the mounting plate is stamped ARMEE 2041 SEIMA.

Although all of these types have four mounting holes only two were used to bolt the reflectors to the tub on an M201.

The reflectors were sometimes relocated as a result of fitting indicators to the rear as in the case of this Gendarmerie jeep which explains the pair of holes sometimes found on each side of the frame on an M201 or ITM jeep.