M201 'Chef de Bord' instruction sticker

  In the later years of service it was common for a vinyl sticker of instructions to be fixed to the dashboard of an M201.

For the attention of the person in charge of the vehicle, the content and wording on these varied from regiment to regiment but in common were the basics of responsibility and requirements for safety.

Thanks to the respective owners for providing these examples from their jeeps.

The examples are: (top left) M201 no. 16979 'Saragosse' - Mike Drewson. The fact that the jeep has a name of a french battle indicates an armoured regiment.

(top right) 6e RPIMa from M201 no. 2985 - Keith Graveson.

(above) 1e RHP from M201 no. 13693 - Nick Barker.

The example opposite was found and photographed by Christophe Muller and found on M201 radio jeep no. 8000 which had belonged to the 1e Regiment de Spahis (Wheeled Armour Regiment). In this case the heading refers to instructions (consignes) for the person in charge of the vehicle.

  The notice on the left is from an Armee de l'Air M201 used as a 'véhicule de contrôle de piste' (runway control vehicle) on an airfield. It was fitted below the windscreen rather than on the dash and it informs the driver "ILL EST FORMELLEMENT INTERDIT DE CONDUIRE CET ENGIN SANS ETRE MUNI DE L'AUTORISATION REQUISE" basically - "It is strictly prohibited to drive this machine without the necessary authorisation". Thanks to Dick Howland (M201 No. 23834 for providing the photo.
The original manufacturer's glovebox dataplate did not include details of tyre pressures. On early 6 volt models a small aluminium plate was sometimes riveted to dashboard. On later 24 volt models a vinyl sticker was sometimes used giving details of on and off road pressures. The jeep in the photo below was sold at auction from reserve stock with a very low recorded mileage on the clock so it seems likely that the sticker was added when the jeep was first commissioned.

Christophe Muller found the next example on an M201 at Lys Tout Terrain in France. It reminds the driver about the maximum speed for the vehicles and to keep an eye on the temperature and oil pressure gauges. Photo: C.M.

..... and a further new example at the 'la locomotion en fête' show in France. I have shown it as photographed on the left and reversed the image on the right so that it can be read.
Also on the same Gendarmerie jeep a vehicle pass sticker on the windscreen (pass issued by the Setten-Heuberg Garrison)
and a large vinyl below the windshield.