M201 - mysterious chassis / châssis mystérieux

This M201 has a very strange chassis number.
Does anyone have any ideas that would explain this?

  • The chassis number is G1221

  • There is no MV frame number

  • There is no Hotchkiss serial number

  • There is an army registration on the rear chassis leg
     '211-3417' indicating that it is a 1961 jeep.

  • It has a 1962 body tub H 21989 indicating it has more than likely been rebuilt.

  • The front and rear axle data plates indicate that the rebuild was probably carried out in 1989/1990

It would appear then that a new chassis was used which like the body tub mystery was of later non-Hotchkiss origin. One must assume that the jeep still had the registration 211 3147 otherwise it would not have been stamped on the new chassis but the chassis / serial number G1121 is at present a complete mystery. Does anyone else have a chassis number like this?

photos: Alexander de Vries