M201 - Gendarmerie Indicators / Clignotants

The original specification for the addition of indicators, BT 0361 (1967), made use of the rear stop light as the flashing direction indicator. Over the years I have seen a variety of lamp units used on front panel of M201s but the example below is of a Gendarmerie jeep photographed by Christophe Muller.

I have seen a number of examples of M201s with this front lamp unit though it is much less common than the plastic domed orange or transparent types. What is unusual is the rear lamp unit mounted on the side panel.

This arrangement is obviously a later modification but it is not clear at present why there are so few examples. It was, perhaps, specific to the Gendarmerie for a period of time or could relate to complying with local traffic law during a period of service in another country as was the case for vehicles serving in Germany.