M201 en Afrique - rear indicators / clignotants AR

The original specification for the addition of indicators, BT 0361 (1967), made use of the rear stop lights as the flashing direction indicator, an arrangement used as standard in America. This arrangement did not comply with traffic regulations in Germany and M201s serving there had to have the rear light units changed (see Bundeswehr lights). There is evidence that the Gendarmerie also modified some of their jeeps to have a much clearer rear indicator system. In 1985 the army introduced a specification for high visiblity lights that were fitted to the rear of jeeps regularly used on the road to comply with French traffic regulations though jeeps in reserve or generally not used on the road were not upgraded.

I recently came across a very unusual example of how rear indicators were added to an M201 serving in Africa. The jeep belonged to the Foreign Legion and was finally put up for sale by auction at the BIMA base in Gabon where it was purchased by its present owner who shipped it back to the UK.

The indicator light units were mounted on sturdy stand off brackets bolted to the rear aerial mounting brackets. This was not an amateur conversion, the brackets are very precisely made from thick steel so I guess there must be a technical bulletin about it somewhere. It is much simpler to install than the high visibility light unit conversion carried out in France so my guess would be that it was specific to a particular country in Africa. A set of holes have been drilled in the side of one of the brackets for an aerial mount.