M201 - wooden extension piece

M201 - planche de rehaussement

The photo shows a rare example of the wooden windscreen extension produced by the French army. This one was recovered from an ex-Gendarmerie jeep to which it was still fitted when sold at auction. These were used to enable kepis to be worn in the jeep with the canvas tilt in place and are described in an army  technical 'additif' document as being specifically designed for Gendarmerie use.

 You will see from the detail below that there are no studs fitted to it for the eyelets in the tilt. I must assume from this that this was therefore really only intended for parade use as it relies on just the two straps fitted to a french designed tilt (canvas or vinyl) to hold the tilt to the screen.

Thanks to Tim Tearle for sending me the final illustration (below) which shows the later type metal extension in use.