M201s left the factory with a number of accessories including a fire extinguisher. The bracket for this was fitted to holes in the wing on the left-hand side. It is rare to come across an M201 that is still fitted with this bracket as it would appear that these were removed from most jeeps during later years of service. This is possibly because the type of fire extinguisher was withdrawn from service and the bracket therefore became redundant. Several types of extinguisher and bracket were used.

I am grateful to Alistair Renvoize in the UK for providing the above photograph of the original bracket on his M201 No 8992 which appears to be a later type.

The photo on the right (from JLM)shows the original and very rare bracket used on very early 6 volt production models.

The photo below is again of a 6 volt model (note BO light) with an original but slightly later type extinguisher in position.


And from Serge Mangione the photo below of a 1956 model extinguisher on his restored M201 6 volt jeep.