Fiche de Rodage / Running in card

Engines for the M201 were mainly rebuilt by ERGM at either La Maltournée or Clermont Ferrand. Most of the La Maltournée production went straight into the jeeps being rebuilt there but the Clermont Ferrand works produced rebuilt engines mounted in a frame which could be shipped out to army repair shops in France or abroad. When the engine rebuilding programme was finally stopped a  large number of factory rebuilt engines on frames were released for sale at auction by Domaines. Interestingly, knackered engines that had been returned to Clermont Ferrand and were awaiting their rebuild were also sold off complete with the frames they had been returned on.

Each rebuilt engine was tested / run in whilst mounted in its frame and a report completed on a fiche de rodage which was then attached to the unit. The examples below were given to me by Philip Thomas.