Willys / Hotchkiss fire truck / camion citerne

This curious adaptation to the rear wheel arches is evidence that the jeep was fitted with a large water pump and used as a fire tender by the 'Protection Civile'. A notch in each wheel arch allowed clearance for the outlet pipes from the high pressure pump to be connected to hose reels mounted on top of each arch. A jeep's ability to operate off-road made it an ideal choice for fighting forest fires though its water carrying capacity was limited to 250 litres. The high pressure pump was driven by its own four stroke petrol engine rather than from the jeep's PTO.


Maheu Labrosse  initially converted WW2 jeeps that had been completely refurbished by ERGM at La Maltournee.

In the case of these 'Malt' jeeps it appears (from what I have seen) that the chassis numbers given to them was simply the MALT number rather than an ITM serial number given to jeeps refurbished for army use.


Later in the 1950s the Maheu Labrosse brochure shows that two variants were available based on the Hotchkiss JH 102 civilian jeep and the Hotchkiss M201 military jeep though according to Jeudi & Tararine in the book 'La Jeep' only three M201s were ever converted, two in 1958 and one in 1960. Interestingly the database indicates that all three of these were from a batch of jeeps produced by Hotchkiss in 1957 for the Protection Civile so they had been in use with the service before being sent for conversion.

M201 model from Maheu Labrosse brochure

The database also indicates that other M201s were painted red and operated within the fire service. Whether all of these carried pumping equipment is not certain but it does indicate that some conversions of M201s is likely to have been carried out by workshops other than Maheu Labrosse.