M201 - G is for Génie

If you see a photo of a french army jeep with a 'G' marking or discover this under the paintwork when preparing the surface for repainting then it indicates service with an engineer (génie) regiment. The photo below was taken in 1968 by Francois Peyrou (M201 no. 9977) during his period of army service with the 9th Engineer Regiment (9e régiment du génie) based at Neuf-Brisach. In this particular case the 'G' has a circumflex accent which signifies that the 9th were a specialised bridging regiment (régiment de franchissement ).

The 'G' marking was used during the 1950s and 60s but fell into disuse with the introduction of the NATO / OTAN tactical marking system during the 1970s.

I am grateful to both François Peyrou & JLM for solving the mystery of this marking and to François for producing the scale drawing for reference purposes.

The final photo below (source unknown) shows a Delahaye VLR serving with a Genie regiment in Algeria in 1956.