M201 detail - rear number plate / plaque d'immatriculation

The rear number plate was made of steel with a gloss black painted finish on both sides. The numbers on both the rear plate and front bumper were hand painted in silver at the factory. The example shown is from M201 No 18,458. The pencil outlines can clearly be seen through the thin silver finish and it would appear from this that templates for the digits were used to: a) set out the spacing for the plate and b) draw round as a guide for hand painting. For reference, the dimensions (in mm) of the rear plate are given below.
When jeeps were routinely repainted in regiment workshops or after a complete rebuild the registration number on both the front bumper and rear plate were hand painted with white figures rather than the original silver. There was a wide variation in the style of the figures used and in some workshops the first three digits were painted in a smaller size than the remaining four. More detail and examples of this can be found in the markings section on the registration numbers page.