Unusual lighting conversion


M201 No. 12857 (above and left) was rebuilt in 1970 at La Maltournee and later fitted with unusual rear lamp units with side repeaters mounted on the rear wings. This is a genuine conversion and, apart from a recent repaint job, the jeep is exactly as received by the Tank Museum at Bovington direct from the French army in the late 1980s. Note also the need to reposition the side reflectors to make space for the side mounted lamp units.

Its Nato markings from the last period of service (now painted over) indicated that it had served with the 10th Engineer Regiment as part of the 2nd Army Corps in Germany, which accounts for the conversion being made to comply with requirements for use on German roads.

Alexander Horn (M201 No. 13,287) has confirmed this for me. He explains that these rear lamp units and side repeaters were the standard lamps the Bundeswehr used during the 1960s and 1970s.

The lighting units were mounted on nearly every vehicle the German "Bundeswehr" used during this period (for example Leopard 1 tank, MAN 630 L2 5t truck, and even the Munga jeep though this did not include the side repeaters). So it would appear that French Army vehicles serving with NATO and stationed in Germany had their lighting systems modified to German army standards. Thanks again to Alexander for letting us know, JLM for adding that the 10th régiment du Genie was based in West Germany at Spire (Speyer in German) until 1997and Horst Pratsch for pointing out that the Munga did not have the side repeaters. The dashboard of the modified M201 is shown below.