M201 - on tow / en remorque

A number of M201s that remained in late service have this curious modification to the front chassis and bumper. It is a very solid modification designed to take considerable load / strain but is not an 'official' army modification in the sense that there is no technical bulletin referring to it. It was, however, obviously carried out at army workshops using standardised components. My thanks go to Christophe Muller in France for confirming the purpose and providing the following additional detail passed on via Jean-Paul Peche:

"Il s'agit d'une modification ayant fait l'objet d'un BT (inconnu) permettant le montage de manilles pour assurer le remorquage de la Jeep. Modification plus courante qu'il n'y parait. Les inserts soudés dans le prolongement des traverses du châssis sont taraudés avec un pas relativement fin. Une lumière dans le pare choc avant permet d'accèder à ce taraudage, qui est protégé par une vis."

In essence, this adaption permits towing hooks to be attached to the front of the jeep. The insert ,which is welded to the frame, is drilled and tapped with a fine thread. This is protected by a blanking screw (see first photo) which is removed to allow the hook to be fitted. I guess it is the use of these hooks that hs left the circular scratch marks in the photo. Thanks to Chaz for the excellent photosa nd to Christophe, JPP & JLM for getting the information back to me.