M201 - Oil can

The bulkheads of most Hotchkiss bodies include the threaded holes used for mounting a WW2 style oil can bracket. The oil can is identical to the WW2 design but stamped 'armée Française'.

These would have been fitted to all ITM jeeps produced at La Maltournée and certainly all 6 volt M201s produced by Hotchkiss as the can was still listed as part of the 'lot de bord' in 1959 (MAT 2222-21).

It was probably dropped with the introduction of the 24 volt M201 in 1960 and is not listed in the revised 'lot de bord' of 1966 ( MAT 3606).

It is my guess that with the advent of better lubricants the rather quaint concept of the oil can was finally considered to be obsolete.