M201 - radial tyres /  pneus radiale

It is difficult to determine exactly when 6.50 x 16 radial tyres replaced the traditional 6.00 x 16 cross-ply tyres with bar grip tread pattern but photographic evidence suggests that they were introduced during the mid 1960s. Initially the army used radial tyres produced by a number of manufacturers including Michelin and Klber Colombes but later appear to have standardised on either Klber or Goodyear tyres based on jeeps and trailers sold at auction from the late 1980s onwards.

The 'Klber Colombes TRT V 10' was supplied to the army and fitted to jeeps and trailers long after the brand name carried by the tyre company was changed to 'Klber' in 1968.

A possible reason for the 'Colombes' remaining long after the manufacturer had officially stopped using it is is that the moulds used specifically to produce tyres for the army incorporated a panel that could be changed. It contained an 'E', possibly a code signifying conformity to army standards and beneath this were the letters AR (anne de reception) followed by the year (1977 in the photo above). What is certain though is that at some point even on tyres produced for the army the new Klber' logo appeared, the tyre became simply the TRT i.e. no 'V 10', and the date panel disappeared. Judging by the logo it would have been during the 1980s.

The other brand of tyre in common use during the later years of M201s in service, though less so than the Klber, was the Goodyear G 800 All Service tyre.

The distinctive tread patterns of the two makes are shown below: Klber TRT on the left and Goodyear G800 on the right.