M201 - alarm receiver / recepteur d'alerte

This 50 channel portable alarm receiver was manufactured by Electronique Serge Dassault (ESD) and designed to selectively decode audio alarm messages. The RR-117 receiver  unit (left) was a portable unit capable of running for 24 hours on its internal battery but connected to the AD-112 power and speaker unit it became a more versatile vehicle mounted 24 volt device.

When fitted to an M201 it was dashboard mounted using a plate that can be seen in the above photo as can the power lead entering the top of the speaker unit. It is thought that the fixing of this plate is the most likely explanation for the pattern of holes on the dashboard of the jeep below.

Thanks to Christophe Muller (M201 No. 21072) for the photos of the equipment and information from the 9th Satory Exhibition documentation Volume 3.