M201 - unusual chassis stamping

The photo above is of M201 No 1570 which has the words 'GABARIT DERNIER REGLAGE' stamped on the chassis rail behind the front wheel on the driver's side. The jeep is in the Philippines but the stamping must have been made in France before it got there. The words literally mean 'gauge last adjusted' and thanks to Peter Smith for sending me the photo.

My thanks go to Jean-Herbert FAUSSAT for providing information on the relevance of this stamping. It indicates that the jeep has been involved in an accident and that the frame has been straightened out on a jig (Gabarit). It is a quality assurance mark that it has been repaired to army standards i.e. it is pretty much good as new!

My french is far from perfect but for french users of the site - 'Gabarit Dernier Reglage' gravé sur un châssis de jeep indique qu'il a été réparé après un accident en utilisant un gabarit. Il n'est plus tordu et Il signifie qu'il a été réparé au niveau d'armée.