Can anyone solve these puzzles?

The 24 volt dynamo above has a symbol engraved on the data plate can anyone out there identify the symbol.

The following mysteries concern odd stampings on the chassis or tub of an M201. The top of the main chassis rail of the ITM jeep in the photo below is stamped 'F 561'. Does anyone know the reason or purpose?

The next photo shows a 'P' stamped on the chassis rail of an M201.

The next is certainly a Hotchkiss frame but what does the MAA stand for and why is it there?

Another Hotchkiss with both frame and body panel stampings; CA and R189

and now some more mystery body stampings, first a body tub stamped with R2 possibly R27

a body tub stamped with R52

These odd stampings seem to turn up on jeeps rebuilt at La Maltournee and my feeling is that they relate in some way to repairs carried out but can anyone provide more detail?