M201 - earth straps / jarretières de masse

Just when I was beginning to think that there wasn't much more about M201s that I could put up on the site Louis in South Africa asked me where all the earth straps go. He's been doing a full restore on his jeep but couldn't find the information needed to put the straps back in the right places on any website. So here it is based on the information provided in MAT 3633-1

Unlike the series Land Rover's of the British army where there was a specific 24 volt model, the FFR (fitted for radio), all Hotchkiss M201 24 volt models were built so that a radio could be fitted if required. The standard equipment included a screened ignition system, enclosed and filtered dynamo and regulator, condensers on electrically noisy equipment, and a filtered power box to which a radio could be connected. In addition, earthing straps were fitted at a number of critical points to insure that radio interference would be reduced to an absolute minimum.

MAT 3633-1 gives the detail of five non-standard strap types (A-E) which have been included for completeness along with the references for the standard straps, details of which are given below.


Type Location Qty Photo
J1 A Hood to radiator grille

Not fitted on my jeep, photo anyone?

2 ?
J2 JA8P12 Headlamp bracket to radiator grille 2
J3 JA8M10 Engine block to RH engine mount
(not fitted on my jeep)
1 see J10
J4 JA10P10 Dynamo to engine block 1
J5 B Hand brake cable to body
MAT 3633-1 also mentions spedo cable
not fitted on my jeep (plastic sleeve)


Fuel filter inlet pipe to body

Fuel filter outlet pipe to body

J8 C regulator to body (Paris Rhone) 1 photo soon
J9 JA6P8 hood to body (left and right) 2
J10 JA8P10 engine block to LH engine mount 1
J11 D exhaust pipe to LH engine mount 1
J12 JA8P12 Engine block (head) to body 1
J13 JA6P8 Choke and hand throttle cable to body 1
J14 JA8M8 Gearbox support to cross member 1
J15 JA8G10 Gearbox  to floor pan 1
J16 JA8P12 Radiator supports to cross member 2
J17 JA6P6 Windshield hinge to body 1
J18 E Wiper motor to windshield
- just a standard wire on my jeeps
1 photo soon