Mystery photo - Operation MANTA in Tchad

I came across some nice photos from Operation Manta in Tchad on the CHEMIN DE MEMOIRE DES PARACHUTISTES site. The thread and all of the photos can be seen by clicking here.

 Two of the photos show heavily equipped M201 jeeps.


Several details stand out in the second photo.

  • Side mounted jerry can though it is not a MILAN.

  • Wire cutter on the front bumper.

  • Camo net holder attached to the spare wheel is being used to carry a bag

  • The camouflage pattern which is very effective but hand painted including the aerial insulator.

  • Lamp mounted between the seats from the dashboard

All of this is very interesting detail but what really needs some explanation are the Russian weapons. I'm not an expert but there's a Kalashnicov AK-47 in the back and beside the jerry can and an RPK light machine gun on the bonnet.

The photos were posted by an anonymous guest on the website so I can anyone else offer an explanation?
Are they captured weapons displayed on the jeep for a photo perhaps?

Thanks to Brice Maillebiau for providing the following information:

The camouflage is made with mud, this was done often during this operation.

The case with yellow and red paint comes from an anti-aircraft cannon 20mm. These cases were used very often by the military to put their personal things in it because it gave good protection against the sand.

The three metal cases belong to the FAMAS Gun. They contain 1300 cartridges per case.

The canvas helmet protection is clearly a French Legion item, so I wouldn't be surprised if this Jeep was used by the 1st REC.

The extra jerrycan is not a standard jerrycan on this vehicle. The same goes for the tire on the bonnet.

I think that the weapons were found whilst they went to explore the African battlefields in the area (not taken from the Africans because they were not in combat with them) and put in display on the Jeep. Maybe the battle of Oued FAMA.

In the book Tchad "Operation Manta" by Eric Lefevre, there is a photograph that shows the mud camouflage.