M201 tools / outils

Like the WW2 Willys and Ford, Hotchkiss M201s left the factory with a comprehensive set of tools and accessories detailed in MAT 2222-21. Along with the axe, shovel and fire extinguisher there was a starting handle mounted behind the rear seat and a tyre pump mounted under it. Apart from the oil can which was stored on a bracket on the bulkhead in the engine bay the other tools and accessories were stored in the rear lockers. The inventory or 'lot de bord' included: 

set of  snow chains set of five spanners spark plug spanner wheel brace hand brush
Adjustable wrench hammer pliers screwdriver grease gun
tyre pressure gauge wheel bearing spanner small brush pin drift jack

adjustable wrench and wheel bearing box spanner

screw driver - also from the early set of tools

pliers - appeared in both the early and later tool kits

There were sacks for the chains, a canvas pouch for the small tools and even a spare drain plug for the tub. This inventory originated with the war time jeep and was certainly still current in 1959 but with the advent of the 24 volt M201 in 1960 things began to change and the list was revised and rationalised.

MAT 3606 issued in 1966  shows that the extinguisher was dropped but a bracket for a decontaminator was added. The snow chains, oil can, tyre pump, grease gun, brushes, wheel bearing box spanner also disappeared though a safety warning triangle was added to the inventory along with a pouch to store documents. The canvas tool pouch was replaced by a vinyl one.

photo: Baz Englad-Davis

photo: Jean-Paul Peche