April - Dember updates - mises à jour pour avril - decembre

14th & 15th April 2010
Reassembly added to the dismantling a Marchal dynamo page
Common faults and cures added to the starter motor page
Page added covering cleaning a starter motor that is reluctant to engage
additional photos added to the tools / outils page
additional photo added to the tyre pump page showing the storage location
photo and detail page for the later type Paris Rhone ZT3120A regulator added

8th & 9th June  2010
VLRD no. 6110 de Baz England Davis added to the Delahaye collectors page
Electronic regulator - the design is now under full road testing in each of my M201s
ITM 0039142 de Alfred Huisman added to the Américanisé collectors' page
Peugeot SX8 AR: Notice Descriptive added
Peugeot SX8 AR: MAT 2746 (Guide Technique) original version in French added
Peugeot SX8 AR: MAT 2746 (Guide Technique) English version added
M201 versions - photo of Gendarmerie hardtop jeep added
M201 no. 10576 de Desmond Moynes added to the Américanisé collectors' pages
M201 no. 21703 d'Alain Tauveron added to the Américanisé collectors' pages
VLRD de Richard Eijkemans added to the Delahaye collectors' page

10th June 2010
snow chains / chaines neige added to the accessories section    
hotchkiss grille differences added to the detail section    
evidence of jeep fire truck / camion citerne added to the detail section    

25th & 26th  October 2010
M201s in the colonies - photos of wrecked jeeps in Djibhouti added
M201 Sahara - updated and new photos added
M201 ENTAC - a more detailed look at the ENTAC system and the Saumur exhibit
M201 detail and accessories - reflectors / catadioptres
M201 detail and accessories - rear indicators / clignotants AR en Afrique

3rd November 2010
M201 detail and accessories - BT 482 front axle plate / plaque pont avant