ITM de Michael Klapp (1956)
Army serial number n/a   Notes: It has a Willys chassis and was constructed at La Maltournée in 1956 from WW2 jeep parts becoming ITM no. 0041764.  It was rebuilt 29/7/1969 again at La Maltournée and was re-registered as 295 0683. It last saw service as a radio jeep with the trays and single rear seat. It was sold at auctionon 3rd February 1994 at Belfort. The NATO marking on the bumper was no longer legible so Michael has replaced it with a Foreign Legion marking as part of the restoration and the side repeaters for the indicators are  required under Danish law.
Hotchkiss serial number n/a  
ITM number 0041764  
Original army registration not known  
MALT no. (if rebuilt) 33303  
Registration after rebuild 295-0683