The SAS jeep photo album


North Africa 1943 - Lt McDonald at the wheel. The
chap in behind the guns is Ray Weller, know within
the SAS as Sam "Digger" Weller. Thanks to
 Neil Weller, his grandson, for this additional information.


Operation Houndsworth - behind enemy lines near Dijon - July 1944


Major Ian Fenwick - Cambon France 1943

Info regarding the above photo received from Mike Embleton - The driver is/was my pal "Pringle Gibb" who survived the war but sadly died earlier this year. His jeep was named "GRINBLE PIGG" they sort of named them after the drivers! Regards Mike Embleton.


1944 - The Free French serving with the SAS


copyright Johan.De.Schinckel
Sergeant Van Uffelen - Operation Noah, Beauraing, Belgium 1944. Thanks to Johan.De.Schinckel for sending me this picture of a Belgian SAS squadron in action.


Copyright Frans Janssen
Captured SAS jeep photographed in the possession of a German artillery company in Tunisia 6/2/43. I am most grateful to Frans Janssen from Holland for sending me this propaganda photo and permitting me to use it on this site. His website is


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