M201 ENTAC part 2

The ENTAC (Engin Téléguidé Anti-Char) was essentially a portable infantry weapon which did not necessarily require a vehicle to carry it. A soldier could carry a missile in its launch box on a frame on his back and the rest of the equipment necessary to launch it could also be carried by man power. The elements of the system can be seen in the diagrams below.


In the days before laser guidance systems missiles like the ENTAC were guided by an operator using binoculars and a joystick. The missile remained in contact with control system through a wire which unravelled during its flight to the target. The relative simplicity of the portable ENTAC system made it ideal for fitting to a vehicle like the jeep though a maximum of four missile launch boxes could be fitted to the M201 itself with the potential to carry a further four missile boxes mounted on a trailer.

The guidance control unit was carried on a rack mount in front of the passenger seat which the operator had to sit astride. (the binoculars are missing from the exhibit at Saumur)

The cable reel which allowed the missiles to guided from up to 100m away from the jeep was mounted on the rear panel requiring the relocation of the jerrycan.

The Saumur exhibit is set up with three additional missile boxes stowed in the rear of the jeep. I am not sure if this was standard practice or not.

Thanks to Baz England-Davis for getting permission at the museum to photograph the jeep in detail.