Februrary & March updates - mises à jour pour février et mars

February 10th 2010
Technical / techniques - dynamo page and regulator page with additional info and photos
Technical / techniques - batteries page added
M201 G1224 d'Aleander de Vries added to the collectors page
February 11th 2010
Memories of Kemble - some photos of M201s at the Kemble, the show which is no more!
February 14th 2010
ITM 00179 de Fred Cole - added to the Américanisé collectors' page
M201 02983 de Serge Mangione - added to the collectors' page
February 19th 2010
M201s in the colonies - Photos taken in the Congo and Tanzania by Louis de Waal added.

28 volt regulators - now available as exchange units (very hard to find in the UK)
February 21st 2010
M201 versions - photos of the engine bay of a 6 volt M201 added to the 6 & 24 volt page.
Extinguisher / extincteur - detailed photo of a 1956 type extinguisher added
Mystery stampings - more photos of examples added to the page

Mysterious tub / caisse mystérieux - a new mystery for you to solve. Can anyone help with this one?
1st March  2010
Tools / outils - added to the accessories section.
24 volt instrumentation - added to the accessories section.
5th March 2010
M201 separate pages for 6 volt & 24 volt created with 24 volt engine bay photos added.
M201 technical - photos and details of the early and later Marchal type regulator added
Mysterious tub / caisse mystérieux - some information from another M201 owner added
11th March 2010
M201 detail - telescopic jack / cric télescopique added to the accessories section
M201 detail - starting handle / manivelle de mise en marche added to the accessories section
M201 detail - document pouch / pochette porte-documentation added to the accessories section
M201 detail - unusual toolbox / coffre à outils added to the accessories section
M201 detail - original ignition lead tags / rampe d'allumage d'origin added to the detail section
ITM / MALT jeeps - now includes MBs with low chassis numbers (not Willys nor ITM so what are they?)

12th March  2010
Technical / techniques - page added on the development of an electronic regulator
Mysterious chassis / châssis mystérieux - another new mystery to solve